YPSIMED latex gloves, pre-powdered

Gloves made of latex, a pure natural product.
Good dexterity, sensitivity and comfort as well as protection
against slightly acid fluids.
Latex may cause allergic reactions.
The gloves are slightly powdered and the density conforms
to  AQL 1,5 following EN 455
Description REF Price unit Price €
latex dispenser, 100 pcs, small 50 850 100 pcs 11,30*
latex dispenser, 100 pcs, medium 50 860 100 pcs 11,30*
latex dispenser, 100 pcs, large 50 870 100 pcs 11,30*

*The offers are addressed to craftsperson, public utilities and registered associations. This price list overrides all former editions. The prices are in EURO plus VAT and plus forwarding charges. Private individuals can scource our products via pharmacies.
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