YPSIDERM® aqua cooling hydrogel dressing

We have enlarged our product range with cooling hydrogel dressings under the brand name YPSIDERM aqua.

Hydrogels (greek "hydor"=water) consists as the name says mainly of water. The cooling effect comes from the difference of temperature between bounded water (app. 20°C/68°F) and the skin (app. 31°C/88°F).

The product is composed of a self-adhesive, waterproofed PU-film like YPSIDERM plus. Instead of an absorbant swab there is the hydrogel island in the middle.

The dressing is ideal for cooling of small, superficial injuries. It shouldn't be used on infected, deep, strong bleeding and 3rd degree burn wounds.

There are 12 plasters in the blue plastic box with 5 different sizes:
2 x oval finger plaster 68 x 28 mm
2 x oval finger plaster 68 x 43 mm
5 x rectangular dressing 45 x 65 mm
2 x rectangular dressing 75 x 100 mm
1 x oval dressing 67 x 110 mm
Description REF Price unit Price €
box with 12 pcs 19 312 1 box 21,50*

*The offers are addressed to craftsperson, public utilities and registered associations. This price list overrides all former editions. The prices are in EURO plus VAT and plus forwarding charges. Private individuals can scource our products via pharmacies.
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